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Vapor Product Ban In Public And Work Places Considered In Kansas

e_cig_meetingA proposed ordinance banning e-cigarette use in public spaces and in work places received a first reading in Manhattan, Kansas during a city commission meeting held Tuesday.

Citing potential health risks in June, along with the possibility for there being an increased use of tobacco among the area’s youth, the Riley County Public Health Advisory Council recommended that the city adopt the ban, according to WIBW News.

The ordinance draft would prohibit both smoking and vaping at a radius of 20 feet from an entrance, and the internationally recognized ‘no smoking symbol’ would continue to be the sign associated with any form of smoking, which according to the city, includes e-cigarette use, WIBW reports.

While the ban in public spaces is heavily emphasized in the ordinance draft, vape shops, of which three were counted at the time of the workshop, would be exempt from the ban with their customers given the green light to continue vaping while inside those storefronts.

“In the current ordinance draft, it was the desire for the majority of the commission, to exempt smoke shops or vape shops. At the time of that workshop there were three in existence, so it would exempt those entities and allow those to continue,” said Ron Fehr, Manhattan city manager.

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