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Vaping the Coast Returning July 22-24

4dbbb8_bfccce08133e463dbf3a907557a5afecVaping the Coast 2016 is returning to Mobile, Ala. July 22–24 at the Arthur R. Outlaw Mobile Convention Center. Organizers have reviewed vendor feedback from VTC 2015 and have taken many of the concerns into consideration for the 2016 convention—advocacy and business to business were the topics of highest concern.

With the ongoing changes that the federal and local government are proposing for vaping, advocacy will be the top priority for VTC 2016.

“It is paramount that we unite and work together with our local and national advocacy groups to protect our rights to vape. To accomplish this, we have reached out to many advocacy groups and will be providing them with free space to attend. We are doing this so that public attendees can understand that they can make the difference in our fight. To further educate the general public, we have decided to invite current smokers to the event so they may learn about the benefits of vaping and how it can improve their quality of life,” Matthew Canceleno said in an email to Agent VAPE.

Canceleno chose Mobile, Ala. for its ease of travel, with the Mobile Regional Airport and the Pensacola Regional Airport 45 minutes away, which provide more flight options into the area. Organizers are currently working with local hotels on reduced rates for the dates of the event (more to come on these rates). The local area provides a wealth of entertainment, food and night life for relaxation or casual meets with clients.

“One of the changes we’ll be making based on feedback from our previous show is with B2B, which has been moved to Sunday. This was done for two reasons: Reduce the loss of business for B&M’s—many of the brick and mortars have reported reduced sales for periods as long as 45 days after a vaping trade show due to all of the product given freely during events. We want the consumers to be able to sample and receive product from the vendors without it becoming excessive. Improved face to face time for businesses—we want business owners to have enough time to make it to the event and have plenty of time to speak with vendors, making the purchases they need for their shops. Our goal is to maximize the exposure for business owners as they find new opportunities and new markets for their products and services, even beyond common vape enthusiasts and consumers. This offers exhibitors the greatest potential return on their investment,” Canceleno said in the email.

Please note: organizers are checking all websites and social media for the companies that are contacting them for booth space at our event. There is ZERO tolerance for CBD products, and any products that use stolen intellectual property, and any products that look like they could be marketed to children. If anyone shows up with any of these products they will be removed from the property and lose all monies paid to Vaping the Coast.

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