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Vaping Banned Within Prestonsburg City Limits

vaping_man_closeupAn ordinance passed in 2013 that banned smoking in all public places and workplaces within Prestonsburg, Kentucky has drawn criticism recently after it was amended to include vapor products in the ban.

Growing concerns over the safety of vapor products and encouraging words from Prestonsburg community members prompted the City Council to amend Ordinance No. 12-2016, which now prohibits the use of all tobacco products throughout much of the city, according to The Floyd County Times.

Originally, the passing of the ordinance over three years ago was fueled by a 2006 report released by the U.S. Surgeon General that focused on findings that showed the harmfulness of secondhand tobacco smoke, the cardiovascular risks involved with inhaling it and its damaging effects on children who are exposed.

The Prestonsburg City Council adopted these findings in their pursuit to preserve the health of non-smokers and children who might otherwise unwittingly come into contact with cigarette smoke. It’s the Council’s opinion that the public’s desire to breathe smoke-free air should come before an individual’s desire to smoke or vape, The Floyd County Times reports.

The ordinance currently exempts vape shops within the city, so vapers can still enjoy a vape inside them, despite it being banned in most other locations that include parks, recreation areas, government office parking lots and inside city-owned vehicles.

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