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Vapers Seek Damages For Injuries Sustained In E-Cigarette Fires, Explosions


A small group of Washington and Oregon residents have emerged with lawsuits targeting the manufacturers and sellers of vapor products they each purchased, and that they say either caught fire or exploded during use.

The four alleged victims claim to have suffered burns and other serious injuries when their devices failed, some so severe that skin and bone graft surgeries were required, according to The Seattle Times.

The group of Northwest residents are represented by James S. Rogers, a lawyer based in Seattle, who will be seeking damages on behalf of his clients. Rogers recently joined California attorney Gregory Bentley at a news conference, where his clients’ accounts were used as proof that vapor products can render significant harm to their users.

Bentley represents dozens of people claiming that they have been injured when the lithium-ion batteries housed in their purported defective devices failed.

The California-based lawyer once represented a woman who was burned and permanently scarred by a vaporizer she was operating, and was later awarded nearly $1.9 million by a jury last year after suing the manufacturer, wholesaler and storefront she purchased the product from, The Times also reports.

“These batteries are a ticking time bomb and they’re causing harm all over the country,” Bentley told reporters.

The lawsuits in play all seek damages for pain and suffering, past and future medical care, property damage, legal fees and other costs.

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