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Vapers May Find A Champion In The President-elect


Donald Trump (Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking)
Donald Trump (Credit: Reuters/Rick Wilking)

The dust finally settled last week following an arduous presidential race with Donald Trump celebrating his victory over democrat Hillary Clinton—a win further amplified in congress where republicans currently hold the majority in both the House and the Senate.

While many of Trump’s policies are not yet concrete, it’s unclearer still exactly where the President-elect stands on vaping, as he has yet to address the regulations put in place by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which as of this year, asserted its regulatory authority over vapor products under the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.

This does lead to wide speculation from industry people and vape advocates who have been hard pressed to sway politicians to support measures like the Cole Bishop Amendment and the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2015, more commonly referred to as HR 2058.

Both the Cole Bishop Amendment and HR 2058 are vehicles for language that would change the predicate, or grandfather date in the Tobacco Control Act (TCA), which would allow for more products to remain on the market and create less of a burden for manufacturers.

Gregory Conley, the president of the American Vaping Association (AVA), a leading vape advocacy group, sees a glimmer of hope for the vape industry in a Trump presidency, A hope that may well eclipse the Cole Bishop Amendment and HR 2058 as the only two likely options to combat FDA regulatory overreach.

“Based off of the information being reported on what he plans on doing with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it’s going to be, seemingly, an anti-regulatory administration,” Conley told Motherboard. “So that gives us some hope.”

Conley also said that an option congress could exercise would be to strike down the FDA’s vaping regulations under the Congressional Review Act. Additionally, new legislation could be written that would put vapor products in a category separate from traditional tobacco products, where they would be subject to a set of different and possibly less stringent regulations, according to Motherboard.

It’s yet too early to tell what a Trump administration would mean for the future of vaping in this country, but that hasn’t stopped vapers and small business owners from taking notice.

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