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Vape House To Open Franchise Locations In The UK

Vape House, a fast growing vape shop franchise will be continuing its expansion efforts and bring beloved brands to the UK starting this spring.

Chris Dodge, the managing director at Vape House is heading his company’s growing stake in the global marketplace and is excited to set up shop in the UK market.

“What makes Vape House unique and strong in the world of franchises in vaping is that we focus on building business with new customers, doing so with strong brands that not only cover a wide flavor spectrum but cover a wide range of prices for the beginner and the connoisseur,” Dodge said. 

Dodge made lectures and was a featured speaker at Vape Jam London, according to a company release, and has been interviewed by The British Broadcast Company (BBC) and the Associated Press. 

“We have fine Brands from American, Europe, Russia and Ukraine and these Brands offer those new and those that are not new a chance to find the right flavor at the price they are looking,” Dodge added.

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