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Unknown Persons Crash Car Into Vape Shop, Make Off With Stolen Goods

Elite Vapes in Thornton, Colo. was robbed for the third time in less than a year by a group of unknown suspects who crashed their vehicle into the storefront last Monday (credit: CBS)

A Colorado vape shop has been the target of a string of break-ins and thefts, and it happened again last Monday. Only this time, the perps decided to use their car as a battering ram.

Local police in Thornton, Colo. are currently investigating the bizarre incident, where a group of unknown suspects were videotaped by store surveillance driving a vehicle into Elite Vapes, smashing windows and frames before making off with $2,000 in goods, reports CBS Denver.

The surveillance footage shows the break-in occurring at around 3:45 a.m., with the thieves wearing Halloween masks to conceal their identities.

The store’s owner, Ann Fulgham, told CBS News that the shop’s cash register was left untouched and that the suspects may be under age.

More than $6,000 in store inventory was nabbed in two separate break-ins, both of which occurred within the year, and Monday’s incident makes it a hat trick.

Surveillance video of the break-in at Elite Vapes in Thornton, Colo. (credit: CBS)

“We recovered and we thought we nipped it in the bud, until they drove a car into us,” Fulgham said.

The shaken shop keeper suspects that the group involved in the smash and grab are still at large, and is hoping for tighter security and additional parking lot patrols of the shopping center where Elite Vapes is located.

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