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Tobacco 21 Legislation Debated In North Chicago


The so-called Tobacco 21 law that has been sweeping the nation and allowing states to ban the sale of conventional tobacco, including vapor products, to any consumer under 21 years of age has been met with opposition in North Chicago, where officials are locked into a divided debate over the safety of vapor products and smoking prevention in general.

Back in January comments were aired at a Monday night City Council public safety committee meeting, where law enforcement and city officials discussed raising Chicago’s legal e-cigarette age to 21, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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Harold Rollins, a North Chicago police detective spoke out in favor of the Tobacco 21 initiative with claims that the issue at play with tobacco products is that “a whole bunch of other things than just tobacco” go into these products, some of them being illegal drugs.

A council member mentioned that the local police department is already overburdened with the enforcement of similar laws and that the Tobacco 21 rollout in North Chicago would benefit the reallocation of resources to areas that matter most to law enforcement and the communities that they serve, the Tribune reports.

North Chicago Ald. Kathy holds an entirely different opinion. Because she recognizes North Chicago as a “military town” she believes that if a 17-year-old can enlist and fight to protect the freedoms granted to all Americans, service men and women should be allowed to smoke and or vape as they please.

“They have every right that, if they choose to smoke, to smoke,” she said.

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