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The Royal Society of Medicine to Host ‘Winning the End Game Against Tobacco’ Meeting

logoThe purpose of this meeting on Friday, Sept. 16, is to explore the strategies that will enable the countries of the United Kingdom to become tobacco-free. It will look at the opportunities that arise from legislation, health education, treatments supporting smoking cessation and the contribution of advocacy.

The meeting will also review the strategies being used by the tobacco industry to preserve their sales, obstruct health promotion efforts and to recruit new smokers in the UK and in developing countries.

The participants will learn of the contribution that can be make by smoking cessation services, the contribution, if any, that e-cigarettes might make and the strategic steps needed to make tobacco-free countries a reality.

Professor Simon Chapman,  world leading anti-tobacco advocate, will be attending and speaking on his professional lifetime spent in public health advocacy as well as giving a keynote speech on the plain packaging pandemic.

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