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Testing Finds Toxicant Levels In E-Cig Emissions 95% Less Than In Cigarette Smoke


Further testing by UK researchers in determining the harmfulness of vapor product emissions compared to that of cigarette smoke has yielded data suggesting that e-cigarette vapor contains 95% fewer toxicants than combustible tobacco products.

Accredited researchers operating within the Royal College of Physicians first determined that emissions from vapor products were less harmful than cigarette smoke, and this recent study spearheaded by head researcher Kevin McAdam of the British American Tobacco PLC, echoes the results of previous clinical trials.

The products were puffed in separate environments using robotic equipment and emissions were collected from the emitted smoke and vapor.

“There are few publications examining the broad chemical composition of e-cigarettes, with most focusing on specific compounds or compound groups,” McAdam said in a statement.

“But we have tested for a total of 142 compounds, including those listed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as harmful or potentially harmful (HPHC), those compounds listed by the World Health Organization, and Health Canada, and those reported previously to be generated by e-cigarettes,” he added.

What McAdam and his team found were substantial reductions of toxicants in the vapor they tested and that most toxicants that exist in cigarette smoke could not be detected

The results were published in Chemical Research in Toxicology DOI, and detailed results of McAdam’s trial can be found here.