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Surveillance Footage Captures E-cig Explosion Outside French Club

Surveillance footage showing an explosion involving an e-cigarette outside the Toulouse club in France last week.

A calm gathering among friends outside the Toulouse club in France was interrupted last week by a piercing sound and a flash of light when the e-cigarette tucked inside the club manager’s back pocket burst into flames.

Surveillance footage caught the shocking incident showing manager Amine Britel twisting his body and leaping around in panic followed by two men rushing to his aid after his vape device exploded.

While the incident lasted just a few seconds, the flames still caused significant burns to Britel’s hand and hip area, according to RT, an international news network launched in Dec. 2005.

The injured club owner believes that his device’s battery made contact with the loose change in his pocket, which caused sparks and resulted in the explosion.

“I heard what sounded like a firecracker, but ten times louder,” Britel said of the incident. “After the shock of the explosion, I realized I had caught on fire.”

Britel did not disclose the name of the device’s company, but claimed that he reported the incident to the manufacturer.

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