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St. Louis County Age Requirement For Tobacco Sales Officially Goes Into Effect

t21A countywide ordinance banning the sale of tobacco products to anyone under 21 in St. Louis County went into effect Thursday, amid concerns from vapor product users who have also been affected.

The St. Louis County Council approved the measure dubbed Tobacco 21 (T-21) on Sept. 6, citing nearly 2,000 people who had died due to smoking-related illnesses, and the 800 kids that began smoking in the county last year, according to CBS St. Louis.

Tobacco 21 ordinances have been implemented in other jurisdictions nationwide and now St. Louis County can be counted among them.

Opponents of the measure took issue with the fact that T-21 also prohibits the sale of vapor products to anyone under 21 years of age.

Second District Councilman Sam Page, who helped approve the ordinance, says that choosing to lump e-cigarette products in with conventional tobacco was necessary in stopping adolescents from becoming addicted to nicotine at a very young age, CBS reports.

For months many individuals have argued before the Council that vapor products actually do have the capability to help smokers quit, but those testimonies from the public did little to sway the council members in their decision to add e-cigarettes to the sweeping T-21 measure.

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