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Right to Vape Organization Updates Facebook Followers On Nicopure Labs Lawsuit Against FDA


Registered in North Carolina, the Right to Vape (Right2Vape) Political Action Committee is comprised of vape shop owners working to ensure the survival of the vapor product industry through political mobilization and grassroots advocacy.

Recently, a representative of the committee posted an update on the Nicopure Labs, LLC lawsuit against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the group’s Facebook page.

Nicopure Labs is behind the Halo e-liquid brand and was a founding member of the Vapor Technology Association (VTA), which was established in January.

Nicopure was also the first vapor product company to file a lawsuit against the FDA in May, on the grounds that the government organization’s deeming rule classifying vapor products as tobacco products and opening them to regulation and taxation was unlawful.

The Right2Vape Facebook post offers details surrounding the oral arguments heard in court regarding the aforementioned lawsuit, along with the topics that the judge presiding over the case focused on, which according to the post include: FDA’s authority over non-nicotine products in contrast to those products containing nicotine, whether the predicate date could or should be moved to allow for more vapor products to remain on the market without the need for FDA regulatory approval, and so on.

The group’s Facebook post also discusses how the Department of Justice, which represented the FDA in court, responded to the judge’s questions.

This post deserves a read and you can find it on the Right2Vape Facebook page by clicking here.