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Potential Indoor Vaping Ban Threatens Small Businesses In Louisville

Louisville Metro_Indoor Vape Ban
Vapor products may fall under an indoor smoking ban in Louisville, Kentucky and could harm the operations of small businesses.—Photo courtesy of ABC News.

In 2008, a smoke-free ordinance banned the use of cigarettes in all indoor locations throughout Louisville, Kentucky. Now, vapor products may also be included in the ban as local government officials weigh the potential risks associated with vaping, and its second-hand health effects.

For small business owners in Louisville, like Troy Leblanc, who runs Derb-E-Cigs Smoke Shop and is the founder of the Kentucky Smoke-Free Association, this proposed ban on the use of vapor products indoors could spell trouble for his business and others like it.

In a meeting this week with the Louisville Metro Public Health Department, Leblanc advocated for his shop and told WHAS11, an ABC News affiliate in Louisville, that allowing customers to sample e-liquid flavors in-store is essential in helping smokers quit, and that if the ban were to go into effect, businesses like his should be exempt.

“Do I think it’s safe, me, an importer, an exporter, a manufacturer, a retailer, I’m telling you it’s not safe, absolutely not. Is it safer than a cigarette? Hell yes,” Leblanc said at the meeting, while discussing the safety of vapor products and the power they have in helping smokers kick the habit.

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