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Philip Morris Hedges Its Bets, Plans Launch Of New Cigarette Alternative In U.S.

Marlboro_iQOSAs smoking rates continue to decline throughout much of the developed world, big tobacco companies have long been searching for a viable cigarette alternative to bolster sales in a market where vapor products have already carved out a healthy portion.

While big tobacco companies have acquired ownership over fledging vapor product companies like blu e-cigs, and have gone on to release products like the MarkTen and VUSE to compete in the already saturated vape market, these devices have had a hard time catching on with consumers.

To that end, tobacco giant Philip Morris International Inc. has tried for something new that could appeal more to the adult smoker, a concerted effort it hopes will be realized in its iQOS device.

The iQOS is a rechargeable electronic device that heats tubes of tobacco the company has dubbed “HeatSticks”, into an inhalable vapor. The HeatSticks bear a likeness to traditional tobacco cigarettes, and are part of a “heat not burn technology” that’s already been rolled out in test markets that include Italy, Japan and Switzerland.

The newest market that may see a release of the iQOS device is the U.S., with a product launch stateside that could happen as early as 2017, pending market approval by the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA).

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