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Pennsylvania Council Members Consider E-cigarette Ban In Allegheny County

vape_smoke_banA proposed ban on vaping in public places was considered by Allegheny County Council members Thursday, with three of the 15 representatives coming out in support of the proposal.

If enacted the ban would prohibit the use of vapor products in enclosed workplaces, eateries, schools, health care-related properties, sports facilities, theaters, transit stations and mass transportation vehicles, according to TribLIVE.

Under the state’s Clean Indoor Air Act, vaping would be exempt in any area where cigarette smoking is currently allowed.

Pittsburg Mayor Bill Peduto said that he would support a measure where e-cigarette users were bound by the same laws already in place and observed by cigarette smokers in the county.

“I understand the argument that people are saying it’s a healthy alternative than the traditional smoking, but really the question is still out there on what the secondhand effects (of vaping) are,” Peduto said.

Vapers and vape shop owners made the case to the board that vapor products are effective in allowing smokers to quit traditional tobacco use, and said that they were “being unfairly lumped in with cigarette smokers,” TribLIVE reports.

County Councilman Ed Kress (R-Shaler) sides with the vape shop owners and their customers and says that he’s simply not convinced that vaping is as harmful to others as cigarette smoke has been proven to be.

“If I had to vote today, I would probably say no,” Kress said.

While seemingly divided, the 15-member council will have to vote to either accept or reject the proposed ban, though it has not set a date to consider it.

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