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Park Vaping and Smoking Ban Defeated 3-2 in Lane County, Oregon

Honeyman Park (Lane County, Oregon) Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

A proposed ban on smoking and vaping in Lane County, Oregon came to a vote Tuesday amid an unusually charged public hearing, according to The Register-Guard.

The ban that would prohibit smokers from lighting up and vapers from puffing away in the county’s 73 parks was voted down 3-2, but a measure was quickly put forth to reconsider the policy with the possibility of changes being made to it at a later date.

Commissioner Faye Stewart, who held the swing vote against the ordinance, spoke at the hearing saying that “he could support the ban at a later date if it included a provision exempting Native American religious ceremonies, like the policy for state parks does,” The Register-Guard reports.

The policy as drafted did not include this exemption for Native American religious ceremonies that involve tobacco, and this stipulation ultimately played a significant part in the defeat of the smoking and vaping ban.

Another local commissioner named Pat Farr, who was a strong backer of the ordinance, told supporters that he would reintroduce a new version of the ban before the commissioners for a future vote.

Until that time, Lane County’s smokers and vapers can carry on uninterrupted as they always have.

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