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New Federal Legislation To Place Restrictions On Vaping In Canada

Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock
Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

New federal legislation in Canada will regulate vapor products and place restrictions on manufacturing and advertising to enhance consumer safety and discourage vaping among young people.

The legislation will place vapor products in a class separate from conventional cigarettes under Canada’s Tobacco Act, which will be renamed to accommodate this change to the federal government’s authority over vapor products.

Before this legislation, all regulations have taken place at a provincial or municipal level in Canada, and the federal government is just now imposing its own restrictions on the use of vapor products.

The new rules would regulate the manufacturing, sale, labeling, packaging and promotion of vapor products while also restricting sales to minors. To that end, certain flavors that might appeal to younger people would also be restricted, according to Metro News, a Canadian news source operating in seven major cities.

While it’s suspected that there will be a fair amount of pushback from the vape industry, physicians like Dr. Michael Khoury, a pediatric cardiologist in Canada, applauds the government’s efforts to contain the industry.

“It’s important to have these devices accessible to the people where it might serve a public health good, but also restrict the advertisement and sale of the devices to people that it may serve as a gateway toward cigarette use,” Khoury said.

Khoury fears that through vaping, smoking will be renormalized and may turn a new generation on to nicotine addiction.

The doctor acknowledges that flavored vapes may give adult smokers the push needed to transition to vaping, but that he is weary of some of the flavors being marketed.

In Canada, e-cigarette use has overshadowed cigarette use among teens, and Khoury believes that vaping could act as a gateway to smoking, particularly because there are flavors that are “blatantly appealing to children.”

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