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Minnesota State Fire Marshal Suggests Fire Deaths Down As More People Vape


In 2015, the number of fire-related deaths in Minnesota was much higher than what was witnessed over the last two years, but the state has seen a drastic reduction in fire deaths this year, and it could be due to fewer people lighting up as more of them turn to vaping.

Minnesota State Fire Marshal Bruce West says that as the colder months approach, the rate of fire-related incidents that can result in fatalities tends to spike as residents turn to heat sources that have the potential to cause great harm, like space heaters and ovens.

However, West stresses that the most common risk comes from lit cigarettes that when left unmonitored could cause fires that can grow uncontrollably, resulting in the destruction of personal property and a loss of life.

“The number one cause of fire related deaths continues to be careless smoking. The number one identified cause. So people either quitting smoking or moving to vaping, that could be one of the underlying reductions in this,” West told MPR News. “That’s something that we will definitely take a look at.”

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