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Medical Study Claims Vaping Far Less Likely To Turn Adolescents Onto Smoking


(Justin Sullivan | Getty Images)

Public health researchers find no clear evidence to support the claim that vaping leads teens to smoking, calling battle cries belted out by some lawmakers who suggest otherwise a detriment to preserving public health.

Doctors Lynn Kozlowski and Kenneth Warner, wrote in the Drug and Alcohol Dependence journal that there is little evidence to substantiate the link between vaping and later smoking among adolescents—calling alarmist claims as being harmful towards young people and adults who may feel dissuaded from switching over to vaping.

“The national trends in vaping and cigarette smoking do not support the argument that vaping is leading to smoking,” Kozlowski said in a statement. “From the best evidence to date, e-cigarettes are much less dangerous than cigarettes. The public has become confused about this.”

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