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First Vape Shop To Open In Illinois Town, Gets Mixed Response From Community


News of the first vape shop opening in Shelbyville, Illinois received mixed reactions from local residents, but for shop owner James Hood, opening for business could not have come sooner.

Hood owns Twisted Mist LLC, and says that his ability to quit smoking was all due to the accessibility of vapor products, according to the Shelbyville Daily Union.

“I knew we were going to get some flack,” said Hood, regarding the shop opening in town, “But I’ve heard a lot of encouraging things too.”

Hood felt the need to open Twisted Mist because of the lack of options for purchasing vapor products locally in Shelbyville, and from hearing complaints from townspeople who were tired of having to drive long distances to purchase their vape supplies in store.

“People were begging us to open because they want the juice,” Hood said. “They’re tired of all the driving.”

Hood and the shop’s co-owner, Josh Ogden, believe vapor products are a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes due to the absence of tar and other chemicals that are known to cause health issues.

The two have already made plans to engage with the local community and offer educational sessions in the shop’s lounge area where samples would be provided, all with the goal of reducing any misconceptions people might have about vaping.

Twisted Mist is currently open to the public, and Hood encourages anyone who’s skeptical of the popular smoking alternative to visit the shop with questions in hand.

“Come in and say, ‘Hi,'” he said. “We’ll help educate and dispel the myths.”

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