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FDA Condemns Sale Of Online Vapor Products To Minors, Issues Warning Letters To Violators

Vaping_DarkSince banning the sale of vapor products to minors nearly seven weeks ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has flexed its regulatory muscle, and is closely monitoring illegal online tobacco sales involving underage shoppers.

The FDA has sent letters to at least 24 websites and 28 online e-cigarette retailers it suspects are in violation, warning them that the sale and marketing of tobacco products will not be tolerated, according to the Wall Street Journal, and that penalties will be issued if changes aren’t made to sites within 15 days.

The Journal also reports that while none of the violators were brick and mortar vape shops, rather gas stations and drug stores were the culprits, all retailers whether online or otherwise are bound by the same rules, and as such could be subject to $275 fines for repeat offenses.

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