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Famed Avid Lyfe Product Designer Leaves Company, Pursues Other Business Endeavor

Former Avid Lyfe product designer Erik Hutchinson.
Former Avid Lyfe product designer Erik Hutchinson.

Considered by many to be the face of world renowned Avid Lyfe Inc., product designer Erik Hutchinson announced on Facebook Tuesday that he would be dissolving his professional relationship with the popular California-based vaping hardware company following years of dedication.

Reasons for his departure are not yet made clear, but plans are currently underway in establishing Hutchinson Designs & Engineering (HD&E), a company Hutchinson recently founded that promises to continue releasing quality vaping hardware, with certain conditions set firmly in place.

The major caveat is that his new product line will be marketed “solely for competition use and not marketed as ‘nicotine delivery systems’ simply because, they aren’t,” Hutchinson’s post reads.

What the former Avid Lyfe contract designer has in mind for the future, is one where HD&E will stand as a pioneer of what its founder calls “Competition Cloud Sports.” His new product line will operate outside of conventional vaping and inside this new sports category he created.

With Hutchinson gone, Avid Lyfe’s plans for future sustainability are left up to question, and with the Aug. 8 premarket tobacco product application (PMTA) deadline in place, we’ll all be curious to see how Hutchinson plans to get around the FDA’s stringent market requirement for new products released after that date.

To read Hutchinson’s full Facebook post, click here.