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Cyclops Unchained With Pablo & The Rodman Rocks The Vaping Sphere


Launched in November of last year, Cyclops Unchained With Pablo & The Rodman is a podcast series covering a number of topics ranging from national news, to the Olympic Games and even pro-wrestling, which was a subject discussed in the show’s latest episode, which can be found here.

Pro-wrestling hijinks aside, what’s central to Cyclops Unchained is the latest news and happenings pertinent to users of vapor products and those interested in keeping abreast of what goes on in the vape industry—including the challenges presented by regulatory pressures from state and federal governments.

The show is hosted by Cyclops Vapor marketing coordinators Ryan “Pablo” Foster and Rod “The Rodman” Cochran. The two keep things lively and entertaining with Foster nailing down the rhythm of the show by calling on his broadcasting chops from his previous 25-year experience in radio.

You can check out Cyclops Unchained on YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes and Google Play. And be sure to subscribe for a chance to take home some killer giveaway prizes!