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Cole-Bishop Amendment Considered For Inclusion In US Budget


In a statement released by the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) the non-profit, pro-vaping organization informed its members to push their lawmakers to support the inclusion of the Cole-Bishop amendment in the FY2017 federal budget.

Cole-Bishop “is a bipartisan effort in support of what should be a bipartisan issue, the effort to modernize the predicate date for vapor products,” reads a CASAA update released Tuesday.

The inclusion of this amendment would offer relief to the anxiety currently gripping the vapor product industry, and would alter the grandfather date for any vape devices released after Aug. 8 2015. Ensuring their place in the market, without the need for manufacturers to undergo a costly, lengthy and doubly burdensome approval process for products already on the market.

CASSA states that the amendment “has been stripped out of the budget before,” and that vapers should be encouraged to attend town hall meetings hosted by their representatives during the two-week congressional break to express support for Cole-Bishop.

“Arguably, it may be our last chance to fix the date before many more vapor businesses close their doors forever.”

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