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Californians Will Determine Fate Of State’s Vapor Product Industry With Prop 56 Vote


A controversial ballot initiative in California could raise the state’s tobacco taxes for the first time in almost 20 years, and further regulate vapor products that as of this summer are now considered to be in the same category as cigarettes.

Voters will cast their support or opposition to Proposition 56, which would increase the taxation on tobacco sales in the state from 87 cents to $2.87. This hike is lower than what is observed in other states such as New York, where the tax on cigarettes is $4.35 per pack, according to Science World Report.

Even though the tax hike is comparatively lower, if Prop 56 does come to pass and vapor products are taxed in the same way as traditional cigarettes, the shops selling these smoking alternatives would be put at a great disadvantage.

Despite having the second lowest smoking rate in the country, proponents of the California tax hike insist that Prop 56 is a necessary measure in deterring people from smoking cigarettes. While proprietors of vape shops located in The Golden State bitterly oppose it, since the proposed tax increase would create an unfair burden for customers who might be dissuaded from purchasing costlier vapor products at local shops.

The California Proposition 56, Tobacco Tax Increase will be on the November 8 ballot as a combined initiated constitutional amendment and state statute.

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