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Cali Vape Co. Registers With FDA, Offers Advice To Partners

Cali_Vape_Co_BannerUnder the new regulatory framework that was first rolled out by the Food and Drug Administration last month, e-liquid manufacturers operating within the US must register with the FDA by Dec. 31 in order for their products to remain on the market.

Heeding the request, California Vaping Company has followed the necessary steps outlined by the FDA and is now officially registered as a domestic tobacco manufacturer.

“Taking the regulations seriously is something we feel is very necessary for continued long term success,” reads a statement released by Cali Vape Co. “Rest assured, we are doing what is necessary to remain compliant and ahead of schedule.”

The entire Cali Vape Co. staff regularly attends weekly in house seminars focusing on global compliance, while addressing topics that include: retail compliance, importer/ exporter regulations, and website regulations.

The company is determined to succeed in an industry with a future that yet remains uncertain, and a key to its survival relies on taking the necessary steps outlined by the FDA.

Cali Vape Co. is also here to help businesses navigate the new regulatory framework and cast away any doubt company owners and staff may have when it comes to what’s ahead and what’s at stake.

“We are here to help our partners. So please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you would like some clarity on regulations that may impact your business,” the company statement reads. “Even if it does not have to do with our e-Liquid, if we can help, we will.”

You can reach out to Cali Vape Co. on Facebook, and Twitter and by visiting their website.