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British Newspaper Apologizes To Scientists, Claimed E-Cig Research Funded By Tobacco Industry

the_times_logoThe Times recently published a full apology after having falsely claimed in a series of articles that five anti-smoking scientists received funding from tobacco companies while conducting their e-cigarette research.

The leading British newspaper had already apologized to one of the scientists, but four others, including David Nutt a former UK government advisor all said last week that they were also due an apology, according to The Guardian.

The five scientists said that they would sue the media company for defamation, but since the paper printed its apology, the group remains undecided as to whether they would abandon the lawsuit.

“We are pleased that the Times has capitulated on this matter, but would have been happier if it had not indulged in this reckless reporting, which smeared the reputations of leading anti-tobacco academics,” Nutt said.

The stories were published last month and ran with headlines that read: “Tobacco giants fund vaping studies”, “Scientists wooed in charm offensive” and “Smoke in their eyes”, The Guardian also reports.

In addition to the apology being featured in the print edition, online versions of those articles were removed and replaced with the same apology, which stated that the group of scientists were “internationally respected for their longstanding global work to reduce smoking and their work on the issue of nicotine harm reduction”, and that their work “has not been tainted by the influence of tobacco industry funding.”

The Times declined to comment on the apology when later asked by The Guardian.

To read the full story, click here for The Guardian article.