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Bo One: The Latest CSV And Contender In An Emerging Market


The Bo One vaporizer comes to us from US Vaping and is distributed stateside by Black Mvrket.

The Bo One is the latest entry in the closed system vaporizer (CSV) market that offers a dressed down and sleek appearance with uncompromising performance.

Similar devices on the market include: the Cync, the MyJet, the Von Erl and the JUUL, which have been on the market for a while and have built cult followings, particularly the JUUL, though its replacement pods and their scarcity had been an issue and left many users sitting idly by waiting on the company to ramp up pod production.

In the wake of this supply and demand issue that had plagued the JUUL, the Bo One was released.

The device performs well and is without a doubt a top contender in this market.

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