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Behavioral Psychologist Asks For Vapers’ Input Ahead of World Health Organization Conference

Vapers Helping Smokers to Quit (VHS2Q) is a YouTube channel started by Dr. Christopher Russell that promotes the stories of ordinary people who have successfully moved away from smoking thanks to vapor products.

Dr. Christopher Russell is a behavioral psychologist and senior research fellow at the Centre for Substance Use Research in Glasgow, Scotland. He leads the Centre’s tobacco harm reduction research studies, with a particular focus on how vapers and e-cigarettes are helping smokers to quit.

Later this week he will be traveling to Delhi, India where he will be speaking at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Conference of the Parties (COP7) on the topic of e-cigarettes.

On Tuesday, Russell wrote a post which appeared on the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association (CASAA) Facebook page.

In part, it reads:

“As you may know, the WHO recently recommended that governments adopt policies that would restrict the accessibility, affordability and attractiveness of e-cigarettes to smokers who want to quit. For what good it may do, my colleagues (Dr. Riccardo Polosa and Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos) and I are going to Delhi to make the health case for why governments should incorporate tobacco harm reduction into their tobacco control policy.”

Russell runs a YouTube channel called “Vapers Helping Smokers to Quit”, which features a collection of videos from vapers around the globe who tell their stories of how they have successfully quit smoking thanks to vapor products.

He plans to play some of these videos for policymakers in Delhi to show them the success achieved by everyday people in quitting their cigarette habits with the use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) products.

To that end, Russell is asking for help.

His post reads:

“if you have quit smoking by using an e-cigarette and you’d like to submit a video to our channel telling your own story, I’d be extremely grateful if you would send an email to and I’ll reply with instructions on who to submit your video. I would need you submit your video before Saturday in order for me to play your video for people in India.”

“In essence, I have a platform, but I need YOU to be the voice of all people who have benefited from e-cigarettes being available, affordable, and enjoyable to use.”

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