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Battery Mooch Calls On Vaping Community To Help Fund His Testing



Regardless of your experience level, the wide array of vapor products available on the market today almost guarantees that you’ll be able to find a device suited to your needs, and one that will work far more efficiently than any products available to consumers in years past.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast selection of devices, and can be even easier to obsess over the latest technology and gadgetry, but at the crux of it all is something that should be on the minds of all users and that is battery safety.

Over the past 16 months, John Muchow, better known as the Battery Mooch, has worked tirelessly testing the safety of batteries used in vaping, while determining whether the marketing claims regarding a given battery’s rating and overall performance rings true.

Mooch designed electronics for specialized government industries, and a large part of his work resided in testing the characteristics of batteries to gauge how they react, and ultimately work in the applications his clients intended for their use.

Since the early 1990s, Mooch has built up his knowledge and acquired the equipment necessary to test the limits of batteries and their different ratings.

He began vaping just over a year ago, and says that he was appalled by the bogus battery rating claims that were being advertised to vapers—with China and the long list of rewrappers being the main offenders, according to Mooch himself.

In those 16 months of testing, he covered over 160 different batteries with the desire to make sense of what those batteries were truly capable of and which models are worth using for the different ways in which vapers prefer to operate their devices.

Due to dwindling funds and an electrical surge that wrecked five of his power supplies and two chargers he’s used for testing, Mooch reached out to the vaping community via a GoFundMe campaign and asked if they could raise $8,000 so that he could secure the needed equipment and batteries to continue his testing, expenses which as of this past March came out of his own pocket.

Mooch received an outpouring of support since his GoFundMe campaign launched on Sept. 26, and as of Oct. 10 he announced that the $8,000 in funding was met with the help of some modest outside contributions.

In 15 days he raised $7,414 from vapers wanting him to continue his important service to the industry.

Battery safety is paramount and with the rash of incidents involving their misuse and the harm they’ve brought to users, Mooch has proven to be an industry leader and a guiding light, educating consumers and supplying them with the knowledge to minimize the risks associated with using these batteries in their vaping devices.

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