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Anti-tax Proponent Grover Norquist Sides With Vapers, Says They Have Power To Sway Elections

Staunch Anti-tax proponent Grover Norquist supports vaping and condemns the political forces bent on snuffing out the multi-billion dollar industry. Photo courtesy of The Daily Caller

Hailed as one of the most influential political players in Washington, anti-tax advocate Grover Norquist recently told the Washington Examiner that, “the next election, at the presidential level, and a lot of other levels, is going to be determined by the vaping community.”

Norquist, who in 1985 founded the non-profit organization Americans for Tax Reform, held the vast majority of elected republican officials to a commitment that they would oppose any new tax increases.

The divide amongst the republican establishment and hard-right conservatives has widened with the rise of republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and Norquist’s influence seems to have waned as the anti-tax conservatism he championed has been eclipsed by Trump’s political policies and often controversial rhetoric.

Lately, Norquist has stood in opposition to stark tax increases on vapor products and is concerned that outright prohibition, which he argues is essentially what the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is aiming towards, is standing in the way of public health.

“It’s a very powerful issue, it can be focused in this election, and it can be focused in the next election,” Norquist told Vice Media. “What you have to have is people who see a problem, recognize it, and feel energized to do something about it.”

“And when it’s a lifestyle issue—gay marriage, home-schooling, vaping—it’s who you are. It’s a definition of what you do.”

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