2017 E-Liquid Guide

2017 E-Liquid Guide / Savory

1940 By X2O Vapes
Creamy peanut butter and marshmallow rolled up in a pancake.Retail: www.x2ovapes.com Wholesale: www.x2ovapes.com, 214-357-6653
1950 By X2O Vapes
Savory cinnamon and sweet sugar on top of a slice of buttery toastRetail: www.x2ovapes.com Wholesale: www.x2ovapes.com, 214-357-6653
#coconut ice cream By Sugar
Refreshing coconut pulp blended into sweet cream and frozen into a unique ice cream. Retail: www.ejuicevapor.com Wholesale: www.dripthatsugar.com
Acer Dulcia By Cloud Alchemist, LLC
Subtle maple with crisp apple and a suggestion of walnut.Retail: https://cloudalchemist.com Wholesale: https://cloudalchemist.com
Afterski By Cloud 901
Nothing beats a day on the slopes except for finishing it off with this European Cappuccino that will warm your heart.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
All For the Cookie By Old Pueblo Vapor
Sugary, crisp Cookie with a light Lemon undertone. This combination is a culinary delight!Retail: www.OldPuebloVapor.com Wholesale: 520-881-0169
Aphrodite By Gilla Operations LLC
Deep brown sugar, the sharp tang of red strawberries and a generous helping of warm vanilla custard.Retail: www.VaporLiq.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Apple Pie By Kilo Eliquid, Inc.
Caramelized apples mixed into a lightly spiced cinnamon bath folded into a perfect, flaky pastry crust.Retail: www.kiloeliquids.com Wholesale: www.kiloeliquids.com
These apples came just out of the orchard; tastes a lot like apple crisp but a lot of people think it tastes like Apple moonshine.Retail: LOCAJUICE.COM Wholesale: BY CALLING 216-282-6613
Apple Pie By Nerd Vape
The sweet, warm, wholesome apple pie flavor that will send you back to memories of grannies house. This old fashioned treat has a ripe apple taste with a hint of crust flavor.Retail: www.nerdvape.co Wholesale: sales@nerdvape.co
Banana Nut Bread By Draggin Vapors
Just like yer momzRetail: 2730 State Road 16 St. Augustine, FL 32092 Wholesale: vapor.uno
Banana Nut Bread By Pink Spot Vapors
Our Banana Nut Bread flavor e-liquid is a decadent blend of creamy banana and a nutty undertone that will have you wondering if your local bakery started bottling their fresh baked treats.Retail: pinkspotvapors.com, 2 retail locations in Las Vegas, NV Wholesale: wholesale@pinkspotvapors.com
Banana Pud'n By Liquid Art Inc.
Vanilla custard blends with even more vanilla, plus a handful of creamy bananas to create a juice that smells like vanilla cake, tastes like banana pudding, and blows other custards away.Retail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Barry Fluffman By Oakshire Trading Co.
Gooey marshmallow bar infused with sweet berries.Retail: www.barryfluffman.com Wholesale: www.oaktradeco.com
Berry Snippitz By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Classic cheesecake topped with a strawberry glaze.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Birthday Cake By Kilo Eliquid, Inc.
Celebrate every day as if it's your birthday! We took the classic yellow cake layered with a smooth creamy frosting and topped it with rainbow sprinkles.Retail: www.kiloeliquids.com Wholesale: www.kiloeliquids.com
Birthday cake By The Vapor Hut
Who can't appreciate a fresh baked birthday cake made from scratch? Nana Debs Birthday Cake is delicious and is sure to make you feel special every time you vape!Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Blowin and Going By Vapor Pimps
A melt in your mouth, Sea Salt Caramel that will send you Blowin and Going.Retail: www.VaporPimps.com Wholesale: www.VaporPimps.com
Blue Suede Shoes By Cloud 901
These Blueberry Pancakes taste so good you'll be looking for the butter and syrup.Be sure and leave the waitress a big tip.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Blueberry Cake Donut By The Vapor Hut
The Blueberry donut flavor is a Nana Debs specialty! Mmm, fresh hot blueberry donuts!Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Blueberry Cheesecake By You Got E-Juice
Fluffy cheesecake topped with freshly picked blueberries.Retail: yougotejuice.com Wholesale: yougotejuicedistro.com
Blueberry Funnel Cake By Titanium Vapor
Sweet and savory. Tastes exactly like its name. 95% VG for big clouds and smooth vaping. We use Alchem's Nicselect as our nicotine.Retail: 8450 Watson Road, Saint Louis MO 63119 Wholesale: 0
Bread Pudding By Sugar
A scoop of freshly baked bread pudding that has been battered, put on a stick, and fried to golden glory. Retail: www.ejuicevapor.com Wholesale: www.dripthatsugar.com
Bronstein's Delay By Harmonic Labs Inc
Fluffy light mocha cream mousse with a nip of espresso and chocolate overlaid with oreo cheesecake crumble. A complex profile designed to please the palette. Inhale oreo, exhale mocha.Retail: www.harmonic-labs.com and at your local vape shop Wholesale: VapeRanger.com
A discovery only made when nature takes its course. A perfectly formulated American peach cobbler with a gooey cake base, flakey crust, and a culinary twist of stone fruits.Retail: Ask for ABSTRAKT at your local vape shop. Wholesale: abstraktvapeco.com
Caramel Coconut Cookie By Nicobine USA, LLC.
OMG...delicious samoa dreamsRetail: Clean Smoke Vape Shops, cleansmoke.com, & nicobine.com Wholesale: nicobine.com
Caramelized Banana By Purebacco USA
Caramel candy mixed with a delicious banana flavor. Sweet and smooth, this juice could easily substitute as a tobacco type flavor. A great choice for your all day vape.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Cinnamon Munchies By Vape Direct Ltd
When you're craving something that little bit different, go for the sweet, spicy bite of cinnamon and wheat. This complex, inviting flavour is good anytime.Retail: https://www.vapedirect.com/morning-glory.html Wholesale: sales@vapedirect.com
Crazy Hazel By The Chef Vape Ltd.
Crazy Hazel is vivacious and deeply seductive. One for the finer things in life - things that sparkle and glitter - she indulges in nightlife and other guilty pleasures (shhhhh). Like the perfect blenRetail: https://www.kiwiejuices.com/ Wholesale: info@thechefvape.co.nz
Cream Berry By Perino London
A smooth fusion of creams and custards masterfully brought to life with hints of strawberry.Retail: www.PerinoLondon.com Wholesale: mail@perinolondon.com
Crème By República Vapes, LLC.
Créme is a blend of sweet and delicate vanilla custards with refined notes of our signature cream base glazed with very subtle hints of cinnamon and spiced rum. Retail: www.republicavapes.com Wholesale: www.republicavapes.com
Creme Brulee By Nicobine USA, LLC
A rich vanilla custard layered in a crisp caramelized shell. Créme brulees delectable combination cannot be denied.Retail: Vape shops around the country and nicobine.com Wholesale: nicobine.com
Crooked Lime Pie By Flow Juice Co.
Our take on summer's most refreshing dessert. The C.L.P has notes of a light New York-style cheesecake on the inhale and a smooth dose of refreshing key lime on the exhale.Retail: http://vapecove.com/brand/twisted-chef/ Wholesale: http://vapecove.com/wholesale/
Crumb DMC By Motley Brew
Walk this way to discover a tight blend of green apple, crumb cake, and light cream!Retail: DIRECTVAPOR.com Wholesale: wholesale@motleybrew.com
Crumbs Banana Nut Muffin By VIBLEO Vapor Shop Association
A blend of sweet banana, nuts, and a hint of cinnamon create this perfect muffin flavor. It's a delicious companion to your morning coffee.Retail: www.vibleo.com Wholesale: www.vibleo.com
Crumbs Blueberry Muffin By VIBLEO Vapor Shop Association
Warm, crumbly muffin flavor layered with candied blueberries and topped with a shower of sugar crystals. This is a muffin lovers dream flavor.Retail: www.vibleo.com Wholesale: www.vibleo.com
Doughnut Pounder By Purebacco USA
This is a bakery fresh sweet and sugary glazed doughnut flavor, sure to crave your sweet tooth and hunger for those early morning pastries.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Ebola By Puff Shop
You never feel it. It's so dangerous, but so tasty. It's like citrus festival in your mouth. Retail: Vk.com/puff_shop_ua Wholesale: Puffshopua@gmail.com, worldwide shipping
Emerald By Castle Rock Vapor
This sweet and tarty flavor is a spot-on rendition of a southern favorite dessert. This Key Lime Pie will leave you in a state of after dinner bliss!Retail: https://www.castlerockvapor.com Wholesale: https://www.castlerockvapor.com/wholesale
Faraday By Echelon Co.
Freshly baked Key Lime pieRetail: Various stores across the U.S. and Guam Wholesale: info@echelonvaporum.com
Festiva By Cloud Alchemist, LLC
Warm beignets topped with fresh strawberries and dolloped with vanilla-almond whipped cream.Retail: https://cloudalchemist.com Wholesale: https://cloudalchemist.com
Fried Cheesecake By Sugar
A cheesecake bite, that has been put on a stick and fried to golden amazingness.Retail: www.ejuicevapor.com Wholesale: www.dripthatsugar.com
Fried Golden Cakes By Sugar
A whole golden cake that has been deep fried to perfection. Retail: www.ejuicevapor.com Wholesale: www.dripthatsugar.com
Fruity Crunch By Vape Direct Ltd
Rolled oats, nuts, honey, brown sugar and and intense hit of fruit, baked slowly for a rich rolling flavour... and there was me thinking that this was a Thursday night in Soho.Retail: https://www.vapedirect.com/morning-glory.html Wholesale: sales@vapedirect.com
Funfetti By The Vapor Hut
Nana Deb likes to have fun! So what's more fun than sprinkles & sweet cream icing?Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Funnel Cake By Sugar
A freshly fried funnel cake that is topped with strawberry slices and strawberry glaze and then dusted with powdered sugar. Retail: www.ejuicevapor.com Wholesale: www.dripthatsugar.com
General VanCustard By Old Pueblo Vapor
A creamier and sweeter take on the classic Vanilla Custard. A wonderful, unique vape for the rich dessert lover in us all!Retail: www.OldPuebloVapor.com Wholesale: 520-881-0169
German Chocolate Cake By The Vapor Hut
Rich chocolate and coconut cake straight from Nana Debs oven!Nana Debs German Chocolate is a classic. Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Get Up and Jump By Rockin Vape Studios
Coffee, Pumpkin Spice, and VanillaRetail: http://rockinvapestudios.com Wholesale: support@rockinvapestudios.com
Ghost By Fedora Guy E-Liquids
Hawaiian Sweet BreadRetail: vapershobbyshop.com Wholesale: fedoraguyeliquids.com
Girl Next Door By Blue Vapes
Juicy sweet orchard apples atop a flakey pie crust with cinnamon tones. Just like warm apple pie. Retail: In store or online (www.bluevapes.ca) Wholesale: Contact Blue Vapes or Diamond Distrobution
Goblin By Fedora Guy E-Liquids
Buttered Corn on the CobRetail: vapershobbyshop.com Wholesale: fedoraguyeliquids.com
Hipster By The Vapor Crew
Sweet, creamy vanilla and smooth caramel with a shot of espressoRetail: thevaporcrew.com; inkdvapor.com Wholesale: 918-227-0003
Home Simpson By Mean street vapor
Infamous glazed donuts topped With vanilla bean Ice Cream Retail: www.meanstreetvapor.com or Our Shop Locations Wholesale: www.meanstreetvapor.com
Hound Dog By Boo Radley's Vapor
The Hound Dog has a keen sense of smell. That's why it comes moseying into the kitchen right around chow time. What's on the menu? Get ready for some sweet griddle cakes, drizzled with hot maple syrupRetail: www.booradleysvapor.com Wholesale: Via Website
Key Lime By Nerd Vape
A creamy key lime pie flavor with a hint of custard. The perfect blend of sweet and tangy, this flavor hits the spot without being overwhelming.Retail: www.nerdvape.co Wholesale: sales@nerdvape.co
Killa B's By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Freshly picked apples drizzled in golden honey.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
KillJoy By Vaperz Choice LLC
Rich Vanilla Custard topped with Sugar Cookie CrumblesRetail: www.vaperzchoice.com Wholesale: www.vaperzchoice.com
King Cake By VapeWild
Feel like a true King of New Orleans while vaping this magnificent cinnamon treat.Retail: Local vape shops Wholesale: Wolfpack Wholesale
Lady Guenavere By Shaggy's Vape Shack LLC
This is a smooth creamy strawberry cheesecake with hints of vanilla and a graham cracker crust.We use kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.This is a Max VG blend.Retail: medievalmodjuice.com or at Shaggys Vape Shack Smithton Il Wholesale: medievalmodjuice.com or 1-618-416-8420
Lava Flow By Cloud 901
It's like a Hawaiian beach dream vacation with this Strawberry swirled Pina Colada in your hand.You'll be dreaming of your toes in the sand and the warm sun on your face.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Lemon Cheesecake By You Got E-Juice
A zesty lemon experience with a delicious, rich and creamy cheesecake.Retail: yougotejuice.com Wholesale: yougotejuicedistro.com
Lemon Meringue By Perino London
Sweet and zesty lemons blended with a light fluffy meringue base and hints of cream.Retail: www.PerinoLondon.com Wholesale: mail@perinolondon.com
Lemon Sansation By VapeWild
Lemon Sansation will take you on an adventure through the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros with freshly baked lemon cake topped with a sugary, lemon glaze.Retail: Local vape shops Wholesale: Wolfpack Wholesale
Lemony Snippitz By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
A sweet fluffy lemon cheesecake dessert.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Lucretia By Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir
Butter Toffee, French Vanilla, Brown Sugar, Graham Cracker, CognacRetail: www.wolfbanesluckyelixir.com Wholesale: wolfgang@wolfbanesluckyelixir.com
Mami Merengue By V8P Juice International LLC
Our Signature Lemon Meringue Pie with a Blueberry Drizzle & Waffle Crust.Retail: www.V8PJUICE.com Wholesale: Call (561) 501 - 1887 or email V8PJuice@gmail.com
MidnightMunchies By J Vapor LLC
A Fruity Pebble Churro Ice CreamRetail: www.northshorevapor.com Wholesale: www.northshorevapor.com
Mint Chip Milkshake By Apollo
Vanilla bean ice cream gets turned up with chocolate chips and a tasty dose of fresh mint to bring you the perfect milkshakeRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
Mom By The Vapor Crew
Warm, buttery apple & pear cobbler topped with velvety French vanilla ice creamRetail: thevaporcrew.com; inkdvapor.com Wholesale: 918-227-0003
Mom's Pineapple Cake By Purebacco USA
Refreshing notes of pineapple over a sweet and delicate moist cake base. Fruity and complex, and perfect for dripping.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Monkey Bread With Raisins by Michael Auhcke By IDWIW NM, LLC
Monkey Bread with Raisins by Michael Auhcke is a sweet, sticky pull-apart vape that oozes with rich, deeply baked cinnamon dough. Turn up the wattage to fully experience the raisins in this innovativeRetail: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com Wholesale: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com/wholesale
Monkey Breath By Wifi Vapor
banana cream pie flavor Retail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Monkey Magoo By DIzzy Diner E-Liquids
a banana cream pie flavor with bananas, graham cracker crust, and vanilla custard.Retail: No retail locations yet Wholesale: Email (keithb@dizzydiner.com) or phone call (323-437-6374)
Monkey Spunk By Source Code Vapor
Fresh baked banana breadRetail: www.SourceCodeVapor.com Wholesale: www.SourceCodeVapor.com
Morning By Daily Dose E-liquid
Sweet Strawberry Cream PieRetail: www.dailydoseeliquid.com Wholesale: www.dailydoseeliquid.com/wholesale-request
Mr. Cookie By Liquid Art Inc.
Most definitely worthy of all-day-vape consideration, Mr. Cookie tastes and smells just like fresh baked sugar cookies, made with buttery caramel drops. Retail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Night By Daily Dose E-liquid
Cinnamon Sugar Toast Drizzled in CaramelRetail: www.dailydoseeliquid.com Wholesale: www.dailydoseeliquid.com/wholesale-request
Normal View By Purebacco USA
Normal View is a tangy cranberry and orange blend , layered inside a warm sugar cookie. It's incredibly complex and well balanced, making for a stellar all day vape. Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Nut Out By 2Cousins
A nutty fusion of macadamia, hazelnut, chocolate and more.Retail: www.kiwiejuices.com Wholesale: www.2cousins.co.nz
Pastry Parts By Liquid Art Inc.
Pastry Parts starts with a warm, flaky, soon-to-be fruit-filled pastry, and fills the void in its center with sweet, rich strawberry jam.Retail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Peaches N' Cream By 100 Proof Vape Co.
Peach and Apricot with a bite of Creamy Cheesecake.Retail: www.100proofvapeco.com Wholesale: sales@100proofvapeco.com
Prime Lime By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Homemade key lime ice cream with a graham cracker crumble.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Puff Pear By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Fluffy marshmallow and crisp pear.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
RAGE'N By FYR E-Liquid
Taste Bud Explosion!It's a lemonade cupcake topped with glazed strawberry slices! This juice will blow your mind and set your taste buds on FYR!!Retail: fyreliquid.com Wholesale: direct, potvwholesale.com
Rainbow Sherbet in the Dark By Purebacco USA
No sign of the morning coming.Citrus, berry, and lime.Like a Rainbow in the Dark.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Rebel Rouser By Vapor Pimps
This Creamy Custard is all dressed up for dessert, mingled with a medley of tart berries, juicy fruits and our famous Cloud Custard.A screaming Rebel Rouser.Retail: www.VaporPimps.com Wholesale: www.VaporPimps.com
Rhubarb And Custard By Perino London
An expertly blended creamy vanilla custard with an undertone of rhubarb. A smooth and balanced vaping experience.Retail: www.PerinoLondon.com Wholesale: mail@perinolondon.com
Riff By DatJuice Eliquids
Riff is That Amazing NY Style Pound cake dessert with Raspberry swirls mixed in blended to perfection with fluffy Vanilla Whipped Cream.Retail: www.datjuiceeliquids.com Wholesale: www.majaflavapremiumeliquids.com
Savor By Enfuse Vapory
Savor is our take on candied yams combined with a sweet cinnamon pastry drizzled with lush vanilla cream. Allow the complexity and uniqueness to surprise and delight you, time and time again.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: www.ejuices.co
Scout's Honor By Cloud 901
You won't have to wait all year for this amazing Chocolate Mint Cookie treat.Although we do recommend hoarding boxes of it in your pantry.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Seraphim By Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir
Cheesecake Graham Crust, Vanilla Custard, Ripe Strawberry, Sweet Cream, CognacRetail: www.wolfbanesluckyelixir.com Wholesale: wolfgang@wolfbanesluckyelixir.com
Shake Rattle N Roll By Cloud 901
Shake it like the King with this screaming fan favorite mix of Chocolate and Banana.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Sir Lancelot By Shaggy's Vape Shack LLC
This creamy banana bread is smooth with a hint of vanilla and just the right amount of banana for a sweet dessert treat.We use kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.This is a 70/30 blend.Retail: medievalmodjuice.com or at Shaggys Vape Shack Smithton Il Wholesale: medievalmodjuice.com or 1-618-416-8420
Sisters of Mercy By Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir
Salted Caramel, Graham Cracker, Sugar Cookie, Sweet Cream, CognacRetail: www.wolfbanesluckyelixir.com Wholesale: wolfgang@wolfbanesluckyelixir.com
Smashed Apple Pie By Vape Direct Ltd
An apple pie gone rogue. Deliciously delinquent flavours of busted butter crust, hot apple and a hint of wicked vanilla.Retail: https://www.vapedirect.com/riot-squad.html Wholesale: sales@vapedirect.com
Smoked Custard By Smoky Labs
A rich and creamy creme brulee, with delicate notes of vanilla and caramel accompanied by the truly authentic smokiness of real apple and cherry wood, smoked to perfection.Retail: vaporshark.com Wholesale: vaporshark.com/wholesale
Smurf Cake By VapeWild
Cheesecake, blueberries and blue clouds!Retail: Local vape shops Wholesale: Wolfpack Wholesale
Solar By Castle Rock Vapor
An orange infused twist on sticky buns. Just the right amount of cinnamon, sweet glaze, doughy goodness and a touch of orange. Retail: https://www.castlerockvapor.com Wholesale: https://www.castlerockvapor.com/wholesale
Spaced Out By Vaperz Choice LLC
Crème is a blend of sweet and delicate vanilla custards with refined notes of our signature cream base glazed with very subtle hints of cinnamon and spiced rum. Retail: www.vaperzchoice.com Wholesale: www.vaperzchoice.com
Spearmint By Kohu
A fresh and clean, all natural spearmint - not sweet, but you can always sweeten it to your liking!Retail: www.mykohu.com Wholesale: www.mykohu.com
Strawberry Cheesecake By You Got E-Juice
That old fashioned New York Cheesecake topped with fresh Strawberries.Retail: yougotejuice.com Wholesale: yougotejuicedistro.com
Strawberry Cupcake By Perino London
Feathering your taste buds with a melt in the mouth sweetness as you inhale; the authentic textures and tastes of a light fluffy cupcake are brought to life with a glaze of sweet strawberries.Retail: www.PerinoLondon.com Wholesale: mail@perinolondon.com
Strawberry Fields By Cloud 901
This tasty treat will have you singing Strawberry Shortcake Forever.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Strawberry Funnel By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
A delicious funnel cake covered with strawberry syrup.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Strawberry Funnel Cake By Titanium Vapor
Sweet and savory. Tastes exactly like its name. 95% VG for big clouds and smooth vaping. We use Alchem's Nicselect as our nicotine.Retail: 8450 Watson Road, Saint Louis MO 63119 Wholesale: 0
Strawberry Ice Cream By Darkness Vapor
A classic strawberry ice cream flavor brought to you in this creamy ejuice. Retail: www.darknessvapor.com Wholesale: www.darknessvapor.com
Strawberry PB&J By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Strawberry jelly and smooth peanut butter twisted together to make a classic lunchtime favorite!(Maxxx VG)Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Strawberry Secret By Wifi Vapor
strawberry ice cream flavor Retail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Strawperry Dew By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
A smooth, sweet, and fruity all day vape.The perfect blend of fresh strawberries, honeydew and pears.(Maxxx VG)Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Sugar Cookie By You Got E-Juice
Remember going to Grandma's house and getting caught with your hand in the cookie jar, but they were just so good you didn't care how much trouble you got in?Retail: yougotejuice.com Wholesale: yougotejuicedistro.com
Sweet Peach Tea By Central Vapors
Start with sun made tea and add the deliciousness of juicy peaches. Makes for a flavor that's as refreshing as it is irresistible.Retail: https://www.centralvapors.com/ Wholesale: https://www.cvwholesalejuice.com/
Tale of Taro By Cloudride
Falling right in the middle of earthy and sweet the taro root of SE Asia makes for a truly unique tasting vape juice. Combined with créme fraîche and a touch of strawberry this could be your new favorRetail: cloudridevapor.com Wholesale: Call or email
The Crown By Mazervapes
An absolute all-time favorite. This Yummy light & creamy cheesecake is topped of with fresh juicy blueberries and a sweet blueberry drizzle. This will take the crown as your next all day vape. Retail: www.mazervapes.com Wholesale: www.mazervapes.com
Tux By PJ Bros E-Liquid
Peanut Butter. Coco. Banana. Retail: PJVapes.com Wholesale: PJVapes.com -> Contact Us
Valhalla Vanilla Custard By Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir
Vanilla Custard and CognacRetail: www.wolfbanesluckyelixir.com Wholesale: wolfgang@wolfbanesluckyelixir.com
Vanilla Donut By Nicobine USA, LLC.
Vanilla cream filled fluffiness. You won't be able to put this down!Retail: Nicobine.com and Cleansmoke.com Wholesale: Nicobine.com
Vazilla By Liquid Art Inc.
G2s take on the vanilla custard vape, Vazilla mixes a smooth, creamy vanilla custard, with rich icing, and a delectable butterscotch exhale, that will make you melt.Retail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Waffle Madness By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
A fluffy waffle drizzled with blueberry syrup and topped with fresh banana.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Wake & Vape By Boo Radley's Vapor
0Retail: www.booradleysvapor.com Wholesale: Via Website
Wall Banger By Fedora Guy E-Liquids
Walnuts, Bananas, Graham Cracker, and Salted CaramelRetail: vapershobbyshop.com Wholesale: fedoraguyeliquids.com
Wall of Voodoo By Wolfbane's Lucky Elixir
Banana Walnut Bread, Cappuccino, CognacRetail: www.wolfbanesluckyelixir.com Wholesale: wolfgang@wolfbanesluckyelixir.com
White Chocolate Mocha By Beancha
An irresistible blend of white chocolate and mocha.Retail: www.beancha.com Wholesale: www.beancha.com
Whoregasm By IDWIW NM, LLC
A warm, vanilla cupcake with a decadently sweet strawberry frostingRetail: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com Wholesale: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com/wholesale
Yig By Purebacco USA
Where Yig doth tread, no man tread tomorrow.Black Currant harvest ofoatmeal cookie and custard.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
You Looked By Wifi Vapor
Caramel Pear FritterRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com