2017 E-Liquid Guide

2017 E-Liquid Guide / Drinks

100 By Omada Vape Company
White Gummy, your favorite summertime smoothie!Retail: Cultura Vape Wholesale Wholesale: http://cultura.vapesupreme.com/
5 O'Clock Somewhere By Kind Juice
This Vape Juice has a modern twist on an old classic cola spiked and spiced with ginger, sarsaparilla, and finished with the zest of fresh lime. Retail: www.kindjuice.com Wholesale: www.kindjuice.com
7&7's By #SgtDanger Flavors
Watermelon with a lemon/ lime citrus punch.Retail: www.sgtdangernation.com Wholesale: email: sgtdangervapor@gmail.com
Adios Motherf**ker By EjuiceRev.com
The satisfying Cocktail ejuice flavors represent popular blends in enticing rich goodness. Now you can enjoy your ecig juice cocktails anytime of the day without watching alcohol, calorie or sugar intRetail: www.ejuicerev.com Wholesale: www.ejuicerev.com
Alien Piss By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Blue raspberry lemonade.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Alien Piss 2 By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
A perfectly mixed strawberry lemonade.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Anchor By The Vapor Crew
Exotic fruit punch meets pineapple from the islandsRetail: thevaporcrew.com; inkdvapor.com Wholesale: 918-227-0003
Babycakes By Boo Radley's Vapor
Babycakes is a waitress whos just as sassy as she is sweet. She's sorta become a big deal down at the local soda shop where she serves up her specialty " a fruity banana cream soda with grated coconuRetail: www.booradleysvapor.com Wholesale: Via Website
Baja Joe By Wifi Vapor
Citrus Soda flavorRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
BAX - Brandy Alexander By Lunar Rover
This classic cocktail mixes up chocolaty creme de cacao with indulgently smooth brandy. It is finished with the richness of sweet cream, for a taste you won't soon forget.Retail: http://lunarrover.com/ Wholesale: http://lunarrover.com/
Black & White By DIzzy Diner E-Liquids
A Rootbeer float flavor with vanilla ice cream.Retail: No retail locations yet Wholesale: Email (keithb@dizzydiner.com) or phone call (323-437-6374)
Black Cherry Cream Soda By The Plume Room
TPR's version of Black Cherry Cream Soda has a slightly tart inhale and mildly creamy finish with bursts of sweet, black cherry flavor. Hand-crafted in small batches, Black Cherry Cream Soda is a...Retail: http://www.ThePlumeRoom.com, and various vape shops. Wholesale: https://www.theplumeroom.com/pages/wholesale-inquiries?conta
Black Mamba By Pink Spot Vapors
In the wild, the Black Mamba is known for its lethal poison. At Pink Spot Vapors, the Black Mamba e-liquid is known as a fierce blend of blackberry and cranberry flavors with a splash of citrus.Retail: pinkspotvapors.com, 2 retail locations in Las Vegas, NV Wholesale: wholesale@pinkspotvapors.com
BLAZ'N By FYR E-Liquid
Addicting and Refreshing!Cran-Raspberry, sugared pineapple, a splash of coconut milk, and our own little secret! One taste of this mouthwatering juice and you'll be hooked!! Retail: fyreliquid.com Wholesale: direct, potvwholesale.com
Blueberry Wired By Apollo
Sweet lemonade infused with blueberriesRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
BluRaz Lemonade By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Sweet blueberries and tart raspberries are infused into our refreshing fresh squeezed lemonade.Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
BNP - Bourbon Peach By Lunar Rover
A simple yet refined combination that marries the oak and caramel notes from bourbon with the delicate sweetness of a juicy, ripe peach. A flavor that will have you wanting more.Retail: http://lunarrover.com/ Wholesale: http://lunarrover.com/
Bravo By Wolfpack Wholesale
A crisp, lemon-lime citrus blend with a touch of raspberry refreshes the palette.Retail: http://skylinevapor.com/suave/ Wholesale: https://wolfpackwholesale.com/
Brickberry By Independent Vapor Company
Sweet and tart lemonade, paired with exotic acai berries.Retail: www.independentvaporcompany.com Wholesale: www.independentvaporcompany.com
Bro Trip By Purebacco USA
This strawberry and peach limeade flavor is perfect for those hot summer days.Both sweet and refreshing but never overpowering.Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Butterbeer By VapeWild
We took a trip on our Nimbus 2015 to meet with the creators of Butterbeer from the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade to find this delectable treat.Retail: Local vape shops Wholesale: Wolfpack Wholesale
Butterbeer By Wolfpack Wholesale
We took a trip on our Nimbus 2015 to meet with the creators of Butterbeer from the Three Broom Sticks in Hogsmeade to find this delectable treat.Retail: http://skylinevapor.com/islander/ Wholesale: https://wolfpackwholesale.com/
Buttery Nipple By Wifi Vapor
Butterscotch Rum FlavorRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Buttery Nipple By The Vapor Hut
A creamy, butterscotch and rum! This is an amazingly rich vape.Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Cactus Juice By Liquid Art Inc.
Quench your thirst with Cactus Juice, a unique, crisp, and refreshing blend of sweet and tart citrus flavors.Orange, tangerines, lemons, and a hint of pineapple are just the tip of the cactus spine.Retail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Caratomator Crush By Purebacco USA
This is strawberry pink champagne flavor that is absolutely perfectly balanced. Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Caribbean Cocktail By 180 Smoke Vape Store
This super smooth vape masterfully blends a base of banana smoothie with various fresh exotic fruits, to create a highly complex yet delectable all day vape. 70% VG, 30% PG, 30ml bottle.Retail: www.180smoke.ca Wholesale: www.180smoke.ca/wholesale
Carolina Wine By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
A refreshing cherry flavored soda.Inspired by growing up in Eastern North Carolina and drinking that red, cherry cheer soda.Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Cesar's Curse By Wifi Vapor
Tropical Pineapple FlavorRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Coco Bongo By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Mango, pineapple, and coconut smoothie.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Coconut Thai By Ripe Vapes
The first flavor is that of the smooth coconut, rich and slightly sweet followed by after notes of fresh thai basil and bright lemongrass.Retail: www.ripevapes.com Wholesale: sales@ripevapes.com 805-445-6517
Cola Cooler By Vape Direct Ltd
Let cola chaos reign. A virtuous cola gone mad, with a sweet underlying flavour and a pow of menthol.Retail: https://www.vapedirect.com/riot-squad.html Wholesale: sales@vapedirect.com
Cookie Shake By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Hand-spun cookies and cream milkshake.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Cosmopolitan By EjuiceRev.com
The satisfying Cocktail ejuice flavors represent popular blends in enticing rich goodness. Now you can enjoy your ecig juice cocktails anytime of the day without watching alcohol, calorie or sugar intRetail: www.ejuicerev.com Wholesale: www.ejuicerev.com
Deuce Coupe By Busted Knuckle Vapor Fluids
A refreshing strawberry limeade with hints of summer berries.Retail: http://smokesmartllc.com/ Wholesale: http://inkedupvapor.com/
Dhampyr By Paranormal Blends, LLC
Spiced Sangria - a spiced, savory red wineRetail: http://www.paranormalblends.com Wholesale: info@paranormalblends.com
Diamonds "Berry Blue Martini" By Vape Poker Corporation
Think of blue mist and mixed berries. Fresh fruits and tasty sweets served in a tall glass on the rocks.Retail: Vapor Product Retailers and Franchises like Vapor & Co Wholesale: Ask your Local Distributors
Dragon's Breath By Gilla Operations LLC
The fruit punch and cinnamon of this sweet heat leaves your mouth like a dragon that just blew fire. The Alchemists mad creations at a magical price.Retail: www.themadalchemist.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Drank by Michael Auhcke By IDWIW NM, LLC
Drank. Purple drank, hold the lean. Enjoy this refreshing beverage flavor all day long.Retail: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com Wholesale: www.vaporkingfogjuice.com/wholesale
Dreamer's Milk By Soul Vapor
This is a juice so complexly filled with various exotic vanillas, blended into thick, rich, rice milk. The vape is sweet and creamy, with a touch of cinnamon, making it a wonderful all-day-vape.Retail: http://www.soulvapor.net Wholesale: Email contact@soulvapor.net for wholesale price list.
Drippin Not Tripp By Vapor Pimps
Packed with Ripe Raspberries and tasty Blueberries and our famous Cloud Custard.Let's start Drippin Not Trippin.Retail: www.VaporPimps.com Wholesale: www.VaporPimps.com
Smashed Citrus and a splash of grapeRetail: www.northshorevapor.com Wholesale: www.northshorevapor.com
Edge Hog By Independent Vapor Company
An aromatic blend of two sodas, mixed with French vanilla ice cream.Retail: www.independentvaporcompany.com Wholesale: www.independentvaporcompany.com
El Guapo By Wifi Vapor
Berry Punch FlavorRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Excalibur By Shaggy's Vape Shack LLC
This sweet pink lemonade has a hint of lime with raspberry.It has a very smooth and refreshing flavor.We use kosher vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.This is a 75/25 blend.Retail: medievalmodjuice.com or at Shaggys Vape Shack Smithton Il Wholesale: medievalmodjuice.com or 1-618-416-8420
Faerie By Paranormal Blends, LLC
Sherbet Punch - a sweet scoop of rainbow sherbet afloat in a fruity punchRetail: http://www.paranormalblends.com Wholesale: info@paranormalblends.com
Fiji Fair By Veteran Liquids
THIS JUICES WILL TAKE YOU BACK TO THE CLASSIC TASTE OF DETROIT'S FAMOUS GRAPE SODA!Retail: www.veteranliquids.com Wholesale: www.veteranliquids.com
Fireball By Paradise Vapour Inc.
Blackberry + Watermelon with a cinnamon infusion.Retail: In Stores Wholesale: www.paradisevapour.com - wholesale form
First Lady By Secretary of Vape
Reminiscent of a Shirley Temple.A fruity blend of sweet grenadine syrup, tart ginger ale, topped with a cherry liqueur and lime. The exhale will feel like its carbonated!Retail: Online Wholesale: Online
Flex By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Sweet red cherries are infused in our tart and tangy limeade.Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Take a Fun Ride Down Bourbon Street & top it off with a Slice of Butterscotch Pie w/Crumbled Graham & Custard!Retail: 318-828-2915 or www.unlimitedvapor.net Wholesale: 318-828-2915 or www.unlimitedvapor.net
Galactic Water By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Lemon lime soda, magic bluraz and coconut combine to create this refreshing cosmic drink.Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Gin & tonic By EjuiceRev.com
The satisfying Cocktail ejuice flavors represent popular blends in enticing rich goodness. Now you can enjoy your ecig juice cocktails anytime of the day without watching alcohol, calorie or sugar intRetail: www.ejuicerev.com Wholesale: www.ejuicerev.com
Grand Master By Harmonic Labs Inc
Your two favorite energy drinks come together to create a unique flavor profile that rivals the competition. The perfect way to start your day. This get up and go vapor will take your tongue to the neRetail: www.harmonic-labs.com and at your local vape shop Wholesale: VapeRanger.com
Grape Soda By Darkness Vapor
Grape soda now available as an ejuice flavor.Retail: www.darknessvapor.com Wholesale: www.darknessvapor.com
Green Fairy By Gilla Operations LLC
A blend of lemon-lime flavors with a cool touch of absinthe. Go on a spiritual journey through exquisite flavors and aromas.Retail: www.misspennysworth.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Hang Loose By Wifi Vapor
Fruit Punch FlavorRetail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Highborn By Von Vape Premium Black Label eLiquids
Highborn is a flawless blend of sweet and tart berry, with just a little bit of fizz. The bold flavor of this eLiquid offers the unspoiled energy medley, pleasure and experience minus the calories!Retail: premiumeliquid.com Wholesale: info@vonvape.com
Ice Cola By Steep
Get ready for the best Cola experience on the market! Our delicious Cola replicates the sensation of drinking a actual ice cold soda pop.Retail: www.steepvapors.com Wholesale: www.steepvapors.com
Infamous By Mazervapes
A delicious oranges & cream flavor, or a creamsicle. Fresh & Tropical oranges blended together with a heavy cream to result in an old fashioned style milkshake. Retail: www.mazervapes.com Wholesale: www.mazervapes.com
Insomnia By Nicopure Labs
Talk about an adrenaline rush! Insomnias potent and gratifying grape flavor will drive your taste buds wild. This vivacious beast of an e-liquid leaves all others in the dust. Once you let this bad-bRetail: Online @ HaloCigs.com or Vape/Tobacco Shops world-wide. Wholesale: Nicopure.com
Island Punch By River Reserve E-liquid
This delicious red punch flavor screams tropical fruit and a stained lip, enjoy.Retail: www.river-reserve.com Wholesale: info@river-reserve.com
Islander Smoothie By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Fresh bananas, strawberries, and pineapples are thrown in a blender with coconut milk to create this refreshing smoothieRetail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Jamaican Rum By Kohu
Rich and Spicy!Retail: www.mykohu.com Wholesale: www.mykohu.com
Jasper By Castle Rock Vapor
This delectable flavor is a staff favorite combining our favorite ripe strawberry with a creamy milk finish. Strawberry Milk will surely make your mouth water.Retail: https://www.castlerockvapor.com Wholesale: https://www.castlerockvapor.com/wholesale
Jerry Rigged By T.V.L.
Sour Green Apple mixed with everyone's favorite Grape Drink.Retail: www.thevapelounge760.com Wholesale: www.thevapelounge760.com
Joy Ride By VapinUSA
Sweet grape with energetic wings. Retail: vapinusa.com Wholesale: vapindirect.com
A fruit punch with a refreshing blend of fruit flavors, that will knock you outRetail: Online or varius vape shops Wholesale: Contact us at Banginliquids@gmail.com
Lemonade By Darkness Vapor
Premium quality Ejuice without the premium cost. Our delicious version of a time honored favorite that will have you relaxing on a cool summer afternoon. Retail: www.darknessvapor.com Wholesale: www.darknessvapor.com
Long Island Ice Tea By EjuiceRev.com
The satisfying Cocktail ejuice flavors represent popular blends in enticing rich goodness. Now you can enjoy your ecig juice cocktails anytime of the day without watching alcohol, calorie or sugar intRetail: www.ejuicerev.com Wholesale: www.ejuicerev.com
Lucidity By Kind Juice
Lime, mint, and coconut cream keep your senses aware and remind you to ask, Am I Dreaming? *Specially formulated for RBA s and Sub-Ohm Tanks* Retail: www.kindjuice.com Wholesale: www.kindjuice.com
Lunar Mist By Wifi Vapor
Lemon lime soda Retail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Malibu By Nicopure Labs
Every day is a vaper's paradise with Malibu e-liquid. Comparable to a frozen Piña Colada with a refreshing menthol finish, this smooth tropical flavor generates first-class vapor with a satisfyingly sRetail: Online @ HaloCigs.com or Vape/Tobacco Shops world-wide. Wholesale: Nicopure.com
Mango Shocked By Apollo
A sweet and sour mango becomes smooth and refreshing in our lemonadeRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
Mewes Aid By e-Distributors, LLC
Won't give you wings, but energizing flavor with a citrus punch.Retail: www.mewesjuice.com Wholesale: www.mewesjuice.com
Miami Vice By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
A frozen strawberry daiquiri swirled with a frozen pina colada! **Contains menthol/kolada**Retail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Midori Sour By River Reserve E-liquid
Honeydew nectar blended with fresh lemon and limes, and garnished with ripe cherries.Retail: www.river-reserve.com Wholesale: info@river-reserve.com
Mimosa By Nicobine USA, LLC.
A crisp and refreshing mix of sweet orange juice and champagne. You'll get lost in this flavorRetail: Clean Smoke Vape Shops, cleansmoke.com, & nicobine.com Wholesale: nicobine.com
Mocha Latte By Gilla Operations LLC
Vape on a freshly-brewed cafe latte with subtle hints of creamy chocolate. Made with premium ingredients at an impressive house-juice value.Retail: www.VaporLiq.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Mojito By Nerd Vape
This refreshing cocktail will leave your taste buds wanting more. With the flavor of fresh muddled mint and tangy lime, there is no need for a bartender on your mental vacation.Retail: www.nerdvape.co Wholesale: sales@nerdvape.co
Mongoose Joose By Vape House LLC
Hawaiian PunchRetail: www.vapehousehi.com Wholesale: www.vapehousehi.com
Moscow Mule By Status Distribution
A refreshing ginger lime cocktail that's hard to get tired of.Retail: http://statuswholesale.com/ Wholesale: http://statuswholesale.com/
Mudslide By The Vapor Hut
Bury your taste buds in this delicious blend of creamy frothy richness!Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Nix By Paranormal Blends, LLC
Blueberry Champagne - fresh ripened blueberries drizzled into sparkling champagneRetail: http://www.paranormalblends.com Wholesale: info@paranormalblends.com
Oasis Mist By Purebacco USA
Oasis mist is a tropical and fruity fusion of flavors. Refreshing with hints of pineapple and coconut. Retail: www.namberjuice.com Wholesale: wholesale@purebacco.com, 989-448-2322
Operation Lemon-Aid By Flashbang Vape, LLC
Lemonade with a splash of renegadeRetail: Retail and online Wholesale: Known Distro
Paradise Island By Paradise Vapour Inc.
Paradise island blend endures the taste of a premium energy cocktail. Retail: In Stores Wholesale: www.paradisevapour.com - wholesale form
Peach Rum By River Reserve E-liquid
A relaxing infusion of Jamaican rum and fresh peaches.Retail: www.river-reserve.com Wholesale: info@river-reserve.com
Peach Sparked By Apollo
Sweet peaches and refreshing lemonadeRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
Pink Eye By Wifi Vapor
pink lemonade flavor Retail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Pink Grenade By Vape Direct Ltd
Powerful explosive flavours of lemon, with a hint of luscious violent strawberry to shatter your senses.Retail: https://www.vapedirect.com/riot-squad.html Wholesale: sales@vapedirect.com
Pom Berry Mist By Simply Vapour
Intricate mixture of pomegranate, fresh berries, and citrus fruit. Retail: www.simplyvapour.com Wholesale: (651) 395-1323 or www.simplyvapour.com
Private Réserve By República Vapes, LLC.
Barrel-aged bourbon and silky-smooth, rich vanillas are blended in this premium concoction. Topped off with various roasted nuts and creams caramelized brown sugar and a hint of crisp coconut.Retail: www.republicavapes.com Wholesale: www.republicavapes.com
Prohibited By The Vapor Crew
Grape Soda CandyRetail: thevaporcrew.com; inkdvapor.com Wholesale: 918-227-0003
Punch Box E-liquid By Vapor Hub & Limitless Mod Co
Punch Box E-liquid By Limitless Mod Co is a delicious tropical fruit flavor. Punch Box comes in a juice box style packaging with a 60 ml child resistant bottle! Retail: www.Vapor-Hub.com Wholesale: www.LimitlessModCo.com
Purple Hooter By Wifi Vapor
blue raspberry citrus flavor Retail: www.wifivapor.com Wholesale: www.wifivapor.com
Purple Lemonade By Steep
Sweet and tangy lemonade from your favorite neighborhood stand.This will certainly freshen up your day! Retail: www.steepvapors.com Wholesale: www.steepvapors.com
Purple Nurple By Liquid Art Inc.
Much more fun than its painful namesake, Purple Nurple delivers a delicious grape candy flavor.Some say that can taste the carbonation, like in a grape soda, while others taste the notes of honeyRetail: http://www.giantvapes.com/g2-vapor/ Wholesale: www.liquidartinc.com
Raspberry Fused By Apollo
Raspberries fused perfectly with lemonade for a sweet, tart all day vapeRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
Raspberry Lemonade By Cloudride
Lemonaaaade, that cool refreshing drink. Now with raspberries! If this doesn't put a smile on your face you may want to consult a doctor. And if the smile lasts more than 4 hours...Retail: cloudridevapor.com Wholesale: Call or email
Raspberry Mojito By Pink Spot Vapors
Raspberry Mojito is a delicious blend of our sweet raspberry and citrus with a splash of mint to bring the Mojito to life. A classic cocktail magically transformed into an amazing eJuice.Retail: pinkspotvapors.com, 2 retail locations in Las Vegas, NV Wholesale: wholesale@pinkspotvapors.com
Enjoy the taste of summer all year with our raspberry lemonade flavor. Retail: LOCAJUICE.COM Wholesale: BY CALLING 216-282-6613
Really F***g Velicious By Vapenotiq Vapors
Strawberry milk shake topped with sweet vanilla whipped cream and garnished in strawberries at the peak of perfection!Retail: www.vapenotiqvapors.com Wholesale: Vapenotiqvaporswholesale@gmail.com
Reggae Splash By Juju Royal
A blend of sour apple, mango and passion fruit to give you the feeling of sipping on a tropical drink on the beach.THC-Free Full Spectrum CBD Available in 300, 500 & 800mgRetail: vaporshark.com Wholesale: vaporshark.com/wholesale
Rock'n'roll By Laboratoires Phodé
Whisky, coke, blood orangeRetail: Specialized shops Wholesale: Laboratoires Phodé
Rootbeer By Blue Vapes
Fizzy and all kinds of delicious with some bite.Retail: In store or online (www.bluevapes.ca) Wholesale: Contact Blue Vapes or Diamond Distrobution
Salsa By Laboratoires Phodé
Cigar, rum, lemon, honeyRetail: Specialized shops Wholesale: Laboratoires Phodé
Sassy Tart By The Chef Vape Ltd.
Edgy and cool Sassy Tart doesn't take life too seriously. A nomadic soul who travels the world having flirtatious encounters while strumming on an acoustic guitar until the sun rises over an exotic Retail: https://www.kiwiejuices.com/ Wholesale: info@thechefvape.co.nz
Sex On The Beach By Nicobine USA, LLC.
A Tantalizing blend of all your favorite fruits, and it aims to please!Retail: Clean Smoke Vape Shops, cleansmoke.com, & nicobine.com Wholesale: nicobine.com
Sex On The Bluff By Cloud 901
No beach within reach in Memphis so it's the Bluff by the River.If you've never tried it, you should.Sweet Peach & Tangy Cherry wrapped in a cocktail embrace.Retail: Retail Stores Wholesale: email: info@cloud901vapor.com phone:(901)359-2509
Sex On The Peach By 180 Smoke Vape Store
The taste of a refreshing cocktail with delicious peaches and lots of coolness.30ml bottle, 50%VG - 50%PGRetail: www.180smoke.ca Wholesale: www.180smoke.ca/wholesale
Sink Or Swim By Bomb Sauce E-Liquid
Refreshing pineapple soda poured over delicious vanilla ice cream.Retail: www.ejuices.co Wholesale: sales@unifiedvape.com
Sloth By Laboratoires Phodé
Pineapple, coconut, freshly cut grassRetail: Specialized Shops - http://www.sept-peches-capitaux.com/ Wholesale: Laboratoires Phodé
SMO - Strawberry Mojito By Lunar Rover
Our light and refreshing strawberry is the perfect sweet-tart balance. Combining fresh muddled mint, that brings out its true essence, with a kick from the rum, it becomes the perfect libation.Retail: http://lunarrover.com/ Wholesale: http://lunarrover.com/
Smokey Oakey By Cloudride
Aged oak wood tinged with smoke and sprinkled with brown sugar evokes warm memories of swapping stories around the campfire. The perfect complement to a glass of your favorite scotch.Retail: cloudridevapor.com Wholesale: Call or email
Solara By Vaperz Choice LLC
Raspberry Tangerine Lemonade with a splash of Watermelon RumRetail: www.vaperzchoice.com Wholesale: www.vaperzchoice.com
Solomon Sibley By Independent Vapor Company
Bright and sweet ginger ale, blended with a heaping scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.Retail: www.independentvaporcompany.com Wholesale: www.independentvaporcompany.com
Sqeez Limeade By VIBLEO Vapor Shop Association
A delicious summer refreshment! Tart limes are freshly squeezed and coated with sugar to create the perfect balance of sweet and sour.Retail: www.vibleo.com Wholesale: www.vibleo.com
Sqeez Strawberry Lemonade By VIBLEO Vapor Shop Association
Freshly squeezed lemons sweetened with the summer's best batch of strawberries.Retail: www.vibleo.com Wholesale: www.vibleo.com
Stand by Me By Rockin Vape Studios
Cherry, Vanilla, ColaRetail: http://rockinvapestudios.com Wholesale: support@rockinvapestudios.com
Stinson By Coastline Vape Co
Cucumber Dragon Fruit MelonRetail: www.coastlinevapeco.com Wholesale: sales@ripevapes.com 805-445-6517
Strawberry Lemonade By Cali Formula Mixers
Strawberry LemonadeRetail: Vape Shops / Online Wholesale: Call our office 949-863-1083
Strawberry Limeaid Lemon Drop By The Vapor Hut
Strawberry limeaid adds a little twist to the classic lemon drop!Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Sugar Skull By The Vapor Crew
A blast of tropical fruit & citrus flavors with a fizzy finishRetail: thevaporcrew.com; inkdvapor.com Wholesale: 918-227-0003
Summer 16 By Vapewell Supply
Savor the Summer of '16 with sun-kissed strawberry and fresh-squeezed limeade blended to citrus- perfection. Catch the perfect, fruity wave & make it an endless Summer 16. Retail: www.vapewellsupply.com/shop Wholesale: www.vapewellsupply.com
Summer Nights By BVT Vapor / The Big Vape Theory, LLC
Enjoy this refreshing blackberry mojito while relaxing on those summer nightsRetail: thebigvapetheory.com Wholesale: wholesale@thebigvapetheory.com
Surfer On Acid By The Vapor Hut
This fruity and savory vape is modeled after the west coast cocktail sensation " Surfer on Acid!Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Sweet Geisha By V8P Juice International LLC
A Deliciously Sweet Strawberry and Vanilla Bean Milkshake. Retail: www.V8PJUICE.com Wholesale: Call (561) 501 - 1887 or email V8PJuice@gmail.com
Tangy-rita By Evolve Vapors
Juicy semi-tart lemons muddled with organic brown sugar. A concoction to rival your bartenders favoriteRetail: online :- www.evolvevapors.com Wholesale: www.evolvevapors.com or 91+999975586
The Muse By Gilla Operations LLC
Dive into this refreshing pink raspberry lemonade and lose yourself in vaping bliss. Dive into this nautical-inspired duo of citrus E-liquids.Retail: www.sirenvapor.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Those Who Love Peace By Expect Resistance
A uniquely sweet Lavender Lemonade.Retail: 0 Wholesale: 0
Tiki Punch By Gilla Operations LLC
Get tossed with this tropical mix of mango, pineapple, mandarin and ripe strawberry. Ride the wave all the way to vapers paradise with these tropical flavors!Retail: www.surfsaucevapor.com Wholesale: (844) 999-9916 | sales@gilla.com | wholesale.gilla.com
Transform By DatJuice Eliquids
Transform is a palet jolt ! Pucker up for this Bleuberry Whipped Pomegranate Combination !Retail: www.datjuiceeliquids.com Wholesale: www.majaflavapremiumeliquids.com
Tropical Mist By Old Pueblo Vapor
Unique twist on Mango, Orange, and Kiwi that rivals an actual cocktail on the beach! Quickly becoming one of OPV's top sellers. Retail: www.OldPuebloVapor.com Wholesale: 520-881-0169
Tropical Paradox By Nicopure Labs
Escape life's stresses with the exhilarating flavors of luscious pineapple, coconut, and sugarcane. Both exciting and serene, this dynamic e-liquid remains true to its name. Each puff is like a hurricaneRetail: Online @ HaloCigs.com or Vape/Tobacco Shops world-wide. Wholesale: Nicopure.com
Tropical Storm By Tsunami Premium Vapor
Blue Raspberry Slushy FlavorRetail: http://tsunamipremiumvapor.com/highvg-eliquid/ Wholesale: http://b2bvapors.com/e-liquid/high-vg-gourmet-e-liquid/
Tropical Sunburst By Cali Formula Mixers
A medley of mango, pineapple, and orange blends.Retail: Vape Shops / Online Wholesale: Call our office 949-863-1083
Vanhelsing By #SgtDanger Flavors
Cherry Vanilla Cola. This blend has just the right amount of vanilla cola and a splash of cherry to quench your thirst for that all day vape.Retail: www.sgtdangernation.com Wholesale: email: sgtdangervapor@gmail.com
Virtuous By Kind Juice
Tucked away in a French Chateau, a Grand Crew vineyard reveals a pink Moscato Champagne rich in fig, white chocolate, and red grapes. *Specially formulated for RBA s and Sub-Ohm Tanks* Retail: www.kindjuice.com Wholesale: www.kindjuice.com
Washington Apple By The Vapor Hut
A crisp apple from the Northwest that's sure to bite back! Washington Apple is a little sweet and a little sour.Retail: thevaporhut.com Wholesale: wholesale@thevaporhut.com
Watermelon Charged By Apollo
Watermelons and lemons create a blend that captures summertime in a bottleRetail: http://www.apolloecigs.com Wholesale: wholesale@apolloecigs.com
WHITEOUT MAX VG "S'Berry Champagne" By CEV/MV Marketing Corporation
Champagne-dipped strawberries - simple, yet elegant. A subtle and refined vape.Retail: www.ejuicesuperstore.com Wholesale: www.majorvapes.com
Wrath By Laboratoires Phodé
Mulled wine, spices and tobaccoRetail: Specialized Shops - http://www.sept-peches-capitaux.com/ Wholesale: Laboratoires Phodé
Yogi Liquid By Liquid Guys Distribution
Subtle sweet honey granola flavor bar flavor. Smooth honey notes that bathe your tongue followed by rich oat flavors. Flavor that keeps on giving!Retail: www.liquidguys.com Wholesale: www.liquidguys.com
Zephyr By The Vaper's Knoll
This tasty cocktail mix starts with zesty cucumber, followed by hints of pear and simple syrup. A nice, clean finish makes this vape refreshing, like a gentle breeze on a warm spring day.Retail: www.vapersknoll.com Wholesale: www.kingofthecloud.net